lost item have you seen it

A podcast that explores the human stories hidden within the classified ads

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we love craigslist

"It’s really satisfying to cross paths with a stranger at the intersection of getting rid of something and needing something."

~ Shira, Craigslist Curio host, USPS fanatic, and avid frog-watcher

"Each post has some combination of brevity, sincerity, and urgency that is totally captivating, like reading someone’s unfinished poetry."

~ Libby, Craigslist Curio host, ex-mime, and rescue dog enthusiast

we love mysterIes

Every once in a while, we stumble upon posts that ring of intrigue, mystery, and (in some cases) suspicion. Every once in a while, it feels like there’s a bigger story behind the post...leaving us with more questions than answers, and a determination to learn more. 

On this show we will set out to talk to strangers, investigate stories, and learn a little more about the weird, fascinating world around us.



Episode 6: Knowledge is Power

Desperate times call for desperate Craigslist ads. Join the Curio duo as they dig through the lost-and-found bin of the internet, and remember: hope is the thing with feathers.